Operation West Gym- Join the Panther Brigade Today!


INTRODUCTION: My name is Hal Turner. I wrestled for UNI from 1973 -1977 for Chuck Patten, graduating in 1978. I am currently a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army.

BACKGROUND: When Coach Schwab was hired he stated that the historic West Gym was in need of remodeling if UNI Wrestling was to regain its prominence back into one of the top wrestling programs in the nation. I asked if anyone had a plan to involve the six decades of alumni in any form or fashion. I was told by the athletic department that nothing formal was developed. I offered to write a plan to support UNI Wrestling. Since my frame of reference is the military and the military uses a planning model to develop military operations, I offered to write a plan using that frame work. So I wrote a Battle Plan “Operation West Gym” the renovation of the west gym. As part of “Operation West Gym” we have formed the “Panther Brigade” to provide the participation to execute the operation and fund the remodeling of the West Gym wrestling facilities.

THE MISSION: (Task and Purpose). Form the Panther Brigade (made up of “Decade Groups”) to provide funding needed for UNI Wrestling renovation. To involve the last six decades of Alumni, mat-aids, managers, brothers, sisters, parents and anyone who was or is a fan of UNI Wrestling.

COMMANDERS INTENT: The intent is to have a large number of people (thousands) to join the Panther Brigade and make a commitment to UNI Wrestling by donating a small amount of money a month on a yearly basis.

CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS: The end state is to have as many people (thousands) associated with UNI Wrestling to send in the “Contribution Form” to the UNI foundation donating whatever they feel they can. We are asking people to make a commitment (pride in ownership), to donate a small amount of money ($5, $10, $15 or $20) a month on a yearly basis (1, 3, 5 years) (the price of a McDonalds large value meal). Example: $10.00/month for 3 to 5 years. (All donations are tax deductable).

ESSENTIAL TASKS: Fill out contribution form and contact others.
1. Choose contribution method (I sent in a voided check for a monthly EFT) you desire.
2. On the “Contribution Form “annotate which “Decade” you would like to be associated with. We will be
forming “Decade Groups” to establish the “Panther Brigade”.

3. On the “Contribution Form” there is a place to identify an individual that asked you to join the Panther
Brigade. “My Panther Brigade Volunteer Leader is”

4. Volunteer to be a Panther Brigade Leader: Decade Group Leader or Team Leader. To be a Panther Brigade
Leader send an email to: turnerharoldw@aol.com

COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS: When thousands of people from the six decades have sent in their “Contribution Form” we will be developing multiple “Decade Groups”. Each decade can have many “Decade Groups”. A “Decade Group” is like a Platoon having 1 Platoon leader with 5 team leaders with each team having 5 team members. 1 Platoon leader + 5 Team Leaders + 5 Team members = 31 in the Decade Group.

COMMAND AND COMMUNICATIONS: The Panther Brigade Decade Groups will establish a “Communication Network Chain of Command” via e-mail and phone (through the Decade Groups) that can disseminate up to date information fast and be responsive to the needs of UNI Wrestling.