Nationals 2014 Information……


Bill Roths reported that he originally had 75 rooms in Oklahoma City for the NCAA Nationals next year. He has since made arrangements for 25 more and now is requesting an additional 20 for a total of 120 rooms. Already 107 of these rooms are spoken for. If interested in one of the few rooms remaining you should contact Bill Roths (Panther Wrestling Club Board Member) fairly soon (email or phone 319-240-9411). The rooms are at the Best Western Saddleback Inn in Oklahoma City and the cost is $132 per night for two beds and $112 for a single room. Bill estimated that the hotel is about 15 minutes from the wrestling venue.

Jon Moeller (Panther Wrestling Club Board Member) has also made plans for a bus to make the trip to Oklahoma City. The bus is scheduled to leave Cedar Falls on Wednesday, March 19th and return on Sunday, March 23. The bus will also make a stop in Des Moines to pick up those who live in that area. The cost for the bus is $200.00 per seat with a maximum of 56 passengers. The bus will shuttle spectators from the Best Western Saddleback Inn to the arena and back each session. To make reservations for the bus contact Jon Moeller at 515-238-4014 or We have 18 people already signed up.